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Working with the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska, we are allocating $10,000 of the funds to go towards raising awareness and providing education about the Tongass National Forest and it’s recreational activities. The funds will be used to create vehicles and content to be used in a variety of awareness and educational initiatives.

Our goal is to make sure that the fly-fishing and outdoor sporting community  — and the public at large — learn more about this incredible region, recognize its importance to recreational and commercial fishing, and ultimately to get involved on way or another. 


In collaboration with Trout Unlimited and the American Salmon Forest Coalition, we are allocating $35,000 that will be used to improve spawning and rearing habitat in the Tongass National Forest. Through various grants and fund matching programs, we are hoping that this amount may double or even triple resulting in a substantial amount of money that will be used to fund one or more specific conservation and/or restoration projects within the Tongass National Forest. 


While at this point no specific project has been selected, we have been guaranteed that the funds will be applied directly to one or more projects that deal with salmon ecosystem restoration. Possible projects could be creation and recreating ideal structures in waterways that have been eliminated through human development, or removal of blocked culverts or other hindrances to fish passage.


45 YEARS AGO... Umpqua Feather Merchants opened it's doors and changed the world of fly-fishing. But instead of throwing some lavish birthday party, we decided to do something to recognize and help the very resources that make Umpqua — and fly-fishing — possible.


In collaboration with Trout Unlimited and the Sportsmen's Alliance for Alaska, we continue our legacy of giving back by launching a major initiative focusing on the conservation and restoration of the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska. Also known as "America's Salmon Forest" the Tongass is home of some of the world’s largest wild Pacific Salmon and Trout populations…

Please take the time to read though this site to find out more about the Umpqua Tongass Initiative and this precious region. And please join us in our efforts to save this invaluable resource for generations to come. We sincerely appreciate all the help we can get.




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